About Church of the Savior Nursery School

cross-bigThe Nursery School at Church of the Savior is conducted to assist parents in the guidance of their young children. We know that the home is the most formative influence in your child’s life. We also believe each home is a part of the larger family of God and the community.

Your child’s education is a mutual effort between the home and the school. Home and school working together early in your child’s life will provide important experiences for your child’s overall growth.

The Board of Christian Education and our faculty maintain high standards for the entire program of our school. Our teachers have been trained in accredited teachers’ colleges and certified by the State of New Jersey. They regularly attend educational training opportunities related to their positions.

It is the policy of the school to cooperate with public authorities regarding school attendance, health examinations, supplemental learning programs, safety precautions and all other matters which concern the welfare of the students and the community.

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