Highlights from our Director

May, 2019

It is hard to believe that our school year is coming to a close so quickly.  It seems like yesterday that the children were entering their classes.  They have all grown so much!


Thank you to all of you who contributed to Robbie’s Rabbits and thank you to Mrs. Gomez for organizing the evening and to the staff who participated and volunteered their time to care for the children.  We know that many hurting parents will be comforted by your generosity.


To start off the month in celebration of Lutheran Schools, we will have a Fun Week where children participate with the fun activity of the day.

Monday 4/29 Silly Hat Day

Tuesday 4/30 Pajamas Day

Wednesday 5/1 Team Shirt Day

Thursday 5/2 Mismatch Clothes Day

Friday 5/3Crazy Hair Day


Mother’s Day Teas will be held this month for the moms of the fours.  The Butterfly and Heart class Teas will be on Wednesday, May 8th.  The Shamrock class Tea will be on Thursday, May 9th.  Invitations were sent home in April.  This is a special time to share with your child, so we ask that you make every effort to find babysitters for siblings.  Young babies in strollers are the exception.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you absolutely cannot attend.  A grandmother or aunt is welcome to come in the place of mom.  Guests will enjoy a program and refreshments prepared by the children and teachers.  Our goal is to help lay a foundation of appreciation and honor for our moms which can last for a lifetime.


*** IF A PARENT OR RELATIVE CANNOT ATTEND, WE ASK THAT THE CHILD NOT ATTEND SCHOOL THAT DAY.  It is less disturbing for the child if someone is not available.


There will be a “Dad’s Celebration” continental breakfast on May 31st at 8:45am for the dads of our 4 year olds.  Please sign up at the office if you are able to attend.


Our 4 year old classes will also be enjoying a special Beach Day outdoors on May 29th.  The rain date will be on May 31st.  Children will spend the entire session on the playground, so please apply sunscreen before class.  Please – NO FLIP FLOPS.  Children should wear socks and sneakers to protect their feet and give them leverage for climbing.  Moms in charge of May could possibly supply ice cream pops, chips, juice boxes etc.  Watch for those ALLERGIES please!


We will be spending more time outdoors on the playground as the weather becomes nicer.  Please apply sunscreen to your child to help prevent sunburn before they leave the house.  Remember that the children must wear socks and sneakers to protect their feet on the playground.


The 3 year old classes will also be having a “Special Day” over the next few weeks.  The threes will enjoy Teddy Bear Day!!   Children may bring their favorite stuffed Teddy Bear or animal and come to school in their pajamas, (sneakers too, please).  Moms in charge of May could supply Teddy Bear type snacks for the day.  Teddy Grahams on a cupcake or atop ice cream cups are a great snack, as are cut out cookies.  Hats or visors decorated with Teddy bears are possible crafts.  


 Dates are as follows:

Wednesday, May 15 – Smiley Face Class

 Thursday, May 16 – Star2 Class

 Friday, May 17 – Star 3 Class and Rainbow Class

Teddy Bears like school!  Parental help may be requested by the teacher.


Parent/Teacher Conferences for the Butterfly class will be on April 29th and May 1st and the Shamrock class on May 2nd and May 3rd.  Conferences for the Smiley class will be on May 13th and the Star and Rainbow classes will be on May 14th and May 15th.  Please see bulletin boards to sign-up.


There will be a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on Friday, May 17th.  To give the teachers a little extra time to enjoy their lunch, we will be adjusting class times as follows:

Morning classes will dismiss at 11:30am

Afternoon classes will start at 1:00pm

(Enrichment will start at 12:45pm)


Fun Fridays – Due to scheduling difficulties, there will only be two Fun Fridays in May.  May 3rd will be Planting/Gardening and May 31st will be Cooking With Miss Ginni – Beach Party.  All Fun Fridays will be $20.00 except for cooking which will be $25.00.  Sign-ups will be outside the school office.


Tuition – Please make sure your final Tuition payment has been paid for this year.  Please see Marie Millner to check your balance.  


If you registered for the 2019/2020 school year, we will need the Payment Option Choice Form (which was sent with your Acceptance Letter) to be returned to the School Office by May 15th.  If you have chosen to pay tuition with the Monthly Payment Plan for next year, please note that the first payment (with your payment coupon) is due on July 1st, 2019.  All paperwork should be submitted by August 1st, 2019.  If you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled after that time, please advise the School Office.  Immunizations must be current in order for the child to attend school.


SUMMER  CAMP – Applications are available for Summer Camp which will run from June 24th – July 26th from 9 – 12 noon and is available on a first come, first served basis.  Be reminded that the school office will be closed June 14 – June 21.  You may leave message on our voice mail which will be checked when the office reopens.


School Office Hours:

June 14 – June 21 Closed

June 24-July 26 9am – 12pm

July 29-August 15 Closed

August 16 and on 8:30-4:00



  • NO SCHOOL on May 27th – Memorial Day
  • Please return any borrowed books to the office by June 1

Upcoming Events: 

Monday, June 10th – Last day of class for Smiley, Star3, Rainbow3, Butterfly

Tuesday, June 11th – Last day of class for Star2, Rainbow2, Shamrock, ABM, Enrichment, 

                                 Last day for Lunch Bunch

Wednesday, June 12th – Moving Up Ceremony –  9:15am – Smiley, Butterfly, Heart

           Moving Up Ceremony –  1:15 pm – Rainbow

Thursday, June 13th – Moving Up Ceremony – Star, Shamrock