Highlights from our Director


November 2019


“Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”


November is a time when we remember to be thankful.  In the coming weeks, the children will learn about the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and the Bible story of the 10 Lepers who were healed by Jesus.  As the healed lepers ran off, only one returned to thank Him.  In response, Jesus blessed that person.  


The children will be building a chain of thanks that will be displayed throughout the school building.  Children will be asked to name things or persons they are thankful for.  Answers will be written on the links which will be joined together.  Chains will remain up throughout the Christmas holidays as we remember to thank God for the special gift of His Son, Jesus.


In reference to gratitude here at school, we want to thank all the volunteers who helped during the October Zoofest by transporting pumpkins from Shop Rite, cooking, and serving hot dogs and snacks, decorating pumpkins, painting faces, applying tattoos, helping everywhere as needed and pulling hay wagons.  We also appreciated everyone’s creative crafts and snacks that parents provided for the children’s Pumpkin and Harvest parties.  We hope you enjoyed the singing programs.  The next program for parents to attend will be at Christmas time.


A special thanks to all of you who donated items to the Animal Shelter.  The shelter team was ecstatic to receive the cages, blankets, towels, food, toys and cute items.  Your gift filled up their entire truck!  Thank you again for your generosity.


We would also like to extend a thank you to all the families who participated in and/or donated candy for our annual Trunk or Treat.  It was a huge success and the children (and staff) had a fun time!


We will be having Priority Registration (2020-2021) for current and prior families on Monday, November 4th and Tuesday, November 5th from 8:00-4:00.  This is your best chance of getting the class or classes of your choice (especially if you prefer mornings – they usually fill up fast!).  Families who register on these dates will receive one (1) complimentary Fun Friday pass to use this year and a COS reusable bag!  Applications will be numbered as they are received.  General Registration will start at the Open House on November 8th. 


School will be closed on Friday, November 8th for a staff professional day and for our annual Open House. The Open House will be from 10:00-12:00 for new prospective families to tour the school and receive information on the many different classes we offer. General Registration will start at the Open House on November 8th.   If a current family refers/brings a new family to the Open House and they register on or before November 11th, the current family will receive their choice of a free week of Lunch Bunch or two (2) complimentary Fun Friday passes to use this year!


During the week of November 4th, the four year old classes will be receiving “figures” to decorate as shepherds, angels, or kings for the Christmas programs (instructions will be provided).  Figures are due back on December 9th.  The school will provide the child size figure on poster board.  If you feel that you would like a little help or would prefer not to do your figure at home, on Tuesday, December 3rd and Wednesday, December 4th parents may decorate the figures during class time in the multi-purpose room.  Some craft supplies are available, but you may wish to bring some of your own.  In the past, parents have brought garland, glitter, yarn, angel wings, feathers, wrapping paper, an enlarged picture of their child’s face etc.  If you would like to sign up for the figure decorating at school, please stop by the school office as space will be limited.  Figures should be backed with cardboard as needed to provide sturdiness.  Mailing tape or strapping tape holds best.






Picture Day will be on Wednesday, November 13th and Thursday, November 14th.  Butterfly 3 &5,  Star 3 &5, Smiley, Heart 3 &5 and Rainbow 3 &5 will be on November 13th.  Shamrock, Star 2, Butterfly 2, Heart 2, Rainbow 2 and ABM will be on November 14th.  Look for an order form in your child’s backpack. 


Fun Fridays are off to a great start!  This month Fun Friday will be on November 15th.  Children will be making a Thanksgiving table ornament, enjoying pizza and a snack and socialization.  The cost will be $20.00 for the two hours.  Sign up at the school office.  Deadline to sign up and pay is Wednesday, November 13th.


All are welcome to join us on every third Sunday of the month (November 17th) at 10:00 am for a special Sunday School Program.  Children will participate upstairs and will then be dismissed for a time of stories, a snack and fun downstairs.  Pastor will give a special children’s mini sermon before the children are dismissed.


Please continue to watch your bulletin boards to sign-up for various activities such as parent meetings, visits, activities and parent conferences.  Parent conferences for the 4 year olds will be the week of November 18th.   Please make sure to sign-up on the appropriate list with your class name on your classroom bulletin board.




We are having a Scholastic Book Fair!!!


The Book Fair will be taking place in the downstairs church and school foyer on: 


Monday evening  (November 18th)  6:00-8:00pm


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (November 19th-21st)   8:00-9:30am & 3:30-4:30pm Friday (November 22nd)   8:00-9:30am  (closed at 10:00 am) 


We would love to have a few volunteers to help!  If you are available to help, please sign up at the school office!




Thanksgiving Party for 3 year olds


Thanksgiving parties will take place during snack time.


Smiley, Star 3 &5 and Rainbow 3 &5 will have parties on Monday, November 25th 


Star 2, Rainbow 2 and ABM will have their parties on Tuesday, November 26th 


Speak to your teacher to see what snacks will be needed


Feasts for 4 year olds


All four year old classes will join together on Monday, November 25th (the Heart class will join the morning Butterfly class for their feast).  Morning classes will come at the usual time and children who attend the afternoon Heart and Tuesday Butterfly classes should arrive at 10:25am for the feast which will begin at 10:30.


Teachers will be providing the food for the 4 year old feasts.  Chicken nuggets, tater tots, cheese and crackers, vegetables and dip, dessert etc. will be provided.  Teachers will be reaching out for some help from parents.  We will also be asking that each child bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Food Bank.  We will have a procession to the altar to offer up the items that the children bring.


School will be closed on November 27th , 28th  and 29th  for the Thanksgiving holiday!!




Church of the Savior will be having an Advent Wreath Supper on Wednesday, December 4th at 6:00 pm.  Families are invited to make an Advent wreath to begin the Christmas season and enjoy a light supper with us.  Sandwiches and soup will be supplied.  All are welcome!  Sign-up in the school office.


****Wednesday, December 18th  is designated as a Program Day (USUAL CLASSES WILL NOT TAKE PLACE)****


Proposed Times for Christmas Programs and Parties 


(Teachers will keep you updated of any changes via emails)


Wednesday, December 18th


  9:15am Butterfly and Shamrock Class Program (bring children at 8:45am)

Refreshments to follow


11:00am Smiley and Star Class Program (bring children at 10:45am)

Refreshments to follow


  1:15pm Heart and Rainbow Class Program (bring children at 12:45pm)

Refreshments to follow


After children’s programs are finished and everyone has enjoyed refreshments, all children are dismissed as parents choose to leave.


Thursday, December 19th


Christmas Parties for all 2-day classes – Butterfly 2, Heart 2, Star 2, Rainbow 2, ABM


Friday, December 20th


Christmas Parties for all 3 & 5 day classes – Smiley, Butterfly 3&5, Heart 3&5, 


Star 3&5, Rainbow 3&5


In the event of a snow day, programs will be rescheduled for Friday, December 20th. Christmas parties scheduled for that day will be combined with Program refreshments.


Reminder – Parents attend the programs, however, parents do not attend the parties unless the teacher requests help or program day falls on a party day due to snow.


FAITH   AT   HOME         


It can be fun to just think about and write down all the things for which your family is thankful.  Many people do not have hot and cold running water, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, a warm home, a soft bed, blankets, pillows, pajamas or shoes.   It is humbling to think that we have been blessed with so much.  Perhaps you may wish to donate food items to our FOOD SHELVES located in the school lobby.  There are so many hungry and hurting people.  Thank you in advance for caring.


Happy Thanksgiving!