Highlights from our Director


MARCH, 2019


It is hard to believe that we are already into our 7th month of school.  Thank you everyone, especially class moms, for organizing and serving at the California dinners in February.  We appreciate all of the help with set up and clean up.  We had such enjoyable evenings!  Thank you also for the many Valentine goodies you all shared with the children and the staff.  We are so blessed to have you all here.


The Center for Food Action will be sponsoring a “Snack Pack Program” on Tuesday, March 5th from 6-8 p.m.  We will be packing snack bags for children who are currently in food provision programs in the schools, but do not have adequate food for the weekends.  We will prepare “snack care packages” with nutritious foods to help the children through the weekends, then we will enjoy a pancake supper.  A suggested donation of $20.00 per family would be greatly appreciated.  A flyer with registration information has been sent home.  Please return the registration form with your donation to the school office if you are interested in attending.


We are happy to announce that our classes for September 2019 are filling.  Children who are turning 2½ by September 15th are invited to join the All By Myself class that begins in September.  If your child is turning 2½ in November or December, they still may be able to enroll in the morning class, depending on available space, but will start the first class day of their birthday month.  We have a few spaces left in that class.  There are still a few openings in the 3 and 4 year old classes – especially afternoons.  If you can pass the word, we would appreciate it.


Applications for Summer Camp will be available after March 4th.   You may sign up to accommodate your family’s schedule.  We would appreciate knowing which days/weeks your child will be attending, so that we can begin planning.  There will be weekly themes, crafts and snack from 9-12,  Monday through Friday beginning the week of June 24th through July 26th.   There will be no camp on July 4th.  The cost is $35/day – $175/week.  A first week non-refundable deposit will be due with your application.  


We will be continuing with our color weeks for the 3’s.  Children should wear the week’s special color and bring in a matching Show & Tell.  Color weeks are listed on the calendar.  We try to teach a Bible story that somehow will relate to the color of the week, e.g. Blue week – Jesus stills the storm (blue water); Green week – the 3 leaves of the Shamrock represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Orange week  Jesus fed the 5,000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, etc.


To help those less fortunate than ourselves, please encourage your child to pick out a food (to match the color of the week) at the grocery store and place it on the shelves in the school lobby.  Food is taken to the local food pantry by church members.  


We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday and Friday, Mar. 14th and Mar. 15th.  Class party dates are notated on the attached calendar.


Our class moms are deeply appreciated for their contacting of parents when there has been a snow day.  Snow days can be a challenge to call as the Paramus School District will usually notify administrators about 5 a.m for a morning closing or delayed opening.  Whenever a storm is imminent, we may choose to contact everyone and close even before hearing from Paramus.  Cancelling school is always difficult as we know that many parents work and some need to get child care.  Safety of our staff and families must come first besides making certain that the plowing and salting of our campus has been taken care of.


Please make note of our Fun Fridays for March and sign up at the school office if interested:


March 1st     Come see the movie Trolls  ($20)

March 15th   Cooking with Miss Ginni – St. Patrick’s Day Party  ($25)

March 29th   Tae Kwon Do with Mrs. Lee ($20)


Just a reminder – A doctor’s note must accompany your child before he/she returns to school following a bout with Influenza, Chicken Pox, Strep, Pink Eye and any other communicable disease.  The doctor’s note must specify when your child is permitted to return to class.


Please check the Lost and Found box on a regular basis.  We tend to collect gloves, hats and toys.  It is located on the bottom of the long dark shelves in the hallway opposite the sofas (behind the Lunch Box bins). Small items such as jewelry and keys will be taped to the glass window of the office for a limited time so that they are visible.


 + + + FAITH  AT  HOME + + +

As we think about St. Patrick, we are reminded that he found a way to describe the Trinity in a beautiful and unique way.  We share his teaching with the children.  If you look at a shamrock, it has three petals, each in the shape of a heart.  We think of the Father on the middle one, the Son and Holy Spirit on each of the other petals.  Three in one.  All joined together.  The stem can represent God reaching down to us.

You may want to do some shamrock (clover) hunting in your yard once the snow melts!