As part of our continuing New Jersey Child Care Association advocacy efforts, we have been asked to use the power of social media to tell our elected officials, voters, parents and taxpayers to support private Pre-K.

Throughout the remainder of 2015, we’ll be using #PreKTheRightWay to call attention to importance of preserving a thriving private preschool system in New Jersey.

For example:
-Preserving private Pre-K preserves parental choice! #PreKTheRightWay
-Private Pre-K is the taxpayers’ best friend. #PreKTheRightWay
-Pay as you go? Or higher taxes forever? Private preschool makes sense and saves cents! #PreKTheRightWay
-Tired of higher taxes, support private Pre-K. It’s your money, it should be your choice. #PreKTheRightWay

#PreKTheRightWay is an advocacy campaign created to build a movement of owners, directors, advocates, teachers and parents committed to preserving private preschool in New Jersey. It is being coordinated by the New Jersey Child Care Association, the only statewide organization that represents private community providers throughout the state.

For additional information regarding this campaign, please visit www.NJ-CCA.org and find out where you can sign our petition. Advocates are also encouraged to contact NJCCA executive director Curt Macysyn at curt@nj-cca.org for more information and assistance with advocacy efforts.

For more information about the #PreKTheRightWay campaign, please contact NJCCA executive director Curt Macysyn at curt@nj-cca.org.