Program Objectives

At Church of the Savior Nursery School, our objectives include: spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth.

A. Spiritual Growth

  1. To see God in the world about us
  2. To grow in faith and in the knowledge of Christ as a personal friend
  3. To worship God daily
  4. To grow in a Christian lifestyle

B. Intellectual Growth

  1. To develop initiative and creativity
  2. To develop autonomy and openness to ideas
  3. To develop language ability
  4. To learn to question, solve problems
  5. To learn about the world around us

C. Physical Growth

  1. To provide opportunity for physical activities – for recreation and for large and small muscle development
  2. To develop awareness of the relationship between nutrition and health

D. Emotional Growth

  1. To develop a sense of responsibility
  2. To develop self-reliance
  3. To develop a reasonable amount of self-control
  4. To develop a positive self-image

E. Social Growth

  1. To learn to get along with others
  2. To learn to share and take turns
  3. To develop fair play
  4. To learn to respect one’s property and that of others
  5. To develop a sense of respect for parents and teachers
  6. To learn to be courteous