Unique Features


As an extension of the Church, we offer unique features in addition to traditional nursery school offerings.

Our Neighborhood January 2020 Theme

1. Special Theme Month
Each January, we pick an area of the world and create a learning environment to introduce geography, science, math, history and language. This past January, 2020 the children visited “Our Neighborhood” where they enjoyed a week of running the Police Department, serving as a Doctor in a pretend Doctor’s office, a Barista at Starbucks Coffee, a Librarian at the Paramus Public Library, Manager of NVE Bank, Postal worker in a Post Office, playing at Van Saun Park Zoo recreation park, working as Cashier/Shopper at Trader Joe’s, and a Hair Stylist at a Barber shop or Beauty Salon.  We simulated all areas of our local neighborhood.  Please enjoy our pictures below.

The “Police Department” offered an idea of what a Police Officer may do like like give tickets, take fingerprints, use walkie talkies at a pretend dispatch center.

The “Post Office” area offered a chance to pretend to be a Postal Worker sorting mail, attaching stamps, weighing boxes and putting mail in a lifelike mailbox found on street corners.

The “NVE Bank” offered them a chance to be a manager sitting at a desk, using an ATM machine and working with money!

The “Starbucks” offered them a chance to be a barista serving coffee and danish behind a counter.

The “Trader Joe’s” offered a realistic grocery shopping experience where they could pretend to buy real food and check out their food items.

The “Barber Shop/Beauty Salon” offered them a chance to become a hair stylist, pretending to style hair using curlers, hair dryer and give manicures.

“The Doctor’s Office” provided them the experience of being a real doctor using a real stethescope, weigh station, bandages to either check their friends out or dolls and animals.

The “Van Saun Park” simulated the recreation area of the Van Saun Zoo park where they rocked on horses

2. Baptism Celebrations
We celebrate God’s grace in making us members of His family through baptism. Parents will be invited to baptismal celebrations. Watch for an invitation during the month of your child’s baptism anniversary. The celebrations are usually held at the beginning of class for 15-20 minutes. The children enjoy sharing mementos (clothing, pictures, candles, etc.) of their baptism during the celebration. Children who are not baptized will enjoy a “Jesus loves me” celebration to be attended by a parent.

3. Chapel
During the year we schedule numerous visits to the church for each class, for informal worship services with the Pastor. Parents are welcome to join us.

4. Parent’s Days
Pre-3 classes schedule a special Saturday morning in October or early November so parents can experience a mini school day with their children. Painting, building, playing in the sand or in the kitchen, enjoying the play-ground – all help parents become more familiar with their child’s exciting days at school.

5. Art
We use a creative approach, dealing in different media. Each child works at his or her own level; therefore products will not be the same for every child. The process is more important than the product. There will not be an art project every day.

6. Field Trips
At intervals during the year, we have on-site “field trips” Special days are designated for events such as harvest, insects, art, and “beach” days. We hold a petting zoo and fun day in October and an animal program in the spring. We take advantage of programs offered by the Bergen County Utilities commission which may include Recycling with Roxy the Raccoon or the importance of Earthworms. Every January, we explore and learn about places in our world. Previous “special days” have included a pretend cruise to Hawaii, a Fiesta in Mexico, a wagon train west, an exporation under the sea, and a trip around the United States. These special days provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures, climates, animal life, geography, science, history and more.

7. Computer Program
Children in the 4 year old classes participate in this program, which is designed to be a computer-awareness experience. Colorful, self-correcting games about shape and color, size and logic, patterns and sequence, alphabet and numbers, and Bible stories allow the children to work at different levels of difficulty according to their interest and abilities. Monitoring by an adult assists the teacher in diagnosing areas where additional practice – either with the computer or with other material – might be helpful to a particular child.

8. Discipline
The nurturing of Christian faith in a child and a respect for others is a responsibility that the school shares with the home and church. The parents have the primary responsibility to provide Christian nurture and a wholesome atmosphere for the child. The school can, at best, supplement the Christian atmosphere of love and willing obedience which is maintained in the home. When a problem does arise in school, it will be handled at first by the teacher and child. The parents and Director will be involved as the situation warrants. Communication between the home and school (child, parent, and teacher) is essential. We use a positive approach, helping the child deal with anger appropriately. We ask children to express feelings with words rather than bodily contact, to “make love grow”. Our goal is self-discipline. Children will not be allowed to hurt themselves or others, or to damage property. We will attempt to redirect a child how is out of bounds, and, in extreme situations, may separate that child (under adult supervision) from the group until he/she is ready to return.

9. Parent Conferences
It is our belief that the child benefits most when the school and the home demonstrate mutual concern about his or her growth and development. The teacher and/or the Director will always make herself available (barring prior appointments) to discuss your child’s progress. This is in addition to two regularly scheduled conferences during the year. The school may suggest referral services where necessary.

Photos from our Special Theme Month “Our Neighborhood” January, 2020: